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As a parent, you have what it takes to help your child succeed in school, friendships and life. When your child has positive, supportive interactions with you, you help your child's brain grow strong and flexible. It's a process called "brain building".

Why is brain building important?

Science shows brain building with your child during the first five years of life gives them a strong base for lifelong learning, helps their behavior and leads to a successful adulthood.

We’ve created this Parents page as a one stop-shop to help support you with your child's early brain development. Here you’ll find:

Congratulations! You’re on your way to becoming your child's #1 brain builder!

Download the Daily Vroom App and start brain building today!

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daily vroom app

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Babies are born ready to learn. And you have what it takes to help them!

Why We Love It:

Daily Vroom is a brain building tool created by experts in the field of early childhood and it's easy to incorporate into daily life. Best of all it's a cost FREE, ad FREE, no strings attached, easy to use app.

What it is:

Daily Vroom is a free mobile app that provides tips and reminders to help parents have fun brain building interactions with their children. Parents simply enter their children’s names and ages, then the app gives parents daily age-appropriate tips they can do to with each child.

Each tip was created by a team of early childhood experts and vetted with parents. Each tip includes a "brainy background" that explains the science of brain development and the theory behind the activity. There are thousands of tips—a new one for each day of a child’s first few years of life.

Download the Daily Vroom App from Google Play or the App Store or use the Daily Vroom App directly from the Vroom website.
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parent-child activities calendar

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Why We Love It:

Group activities that build early childhood skills are good for both children and their parents.

What it is:

The Parent-Child Activities Calendar is a listing of parent-child focused activities in Dodge and Jefferson Counties, hosted by our TalkReadPlay partners. Each activity is designed to boost children's early brain development through enhanced parent-child interaction. The activities focus on developmentally appropriate behaviors so both the child and parents feel prepared for the bright future ahead.

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online resources

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Why We Love Them:

Because babies don't come with a how-to manual.

What they are:

Recommended by early childhood experts, these websites empower parents through easy to navigate websites packed full of tips, tools and resources.

Child Development

Literacy and Language

Social and Emotional Supports


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community resources for families

Why We Love It:

Sometimes parents need expert guidance specific to their child’s development.

What it is:

Community Resources for Families is a comprehensive list of family agencies in Dodge and Jefferson Counties serving families with children from birth to five years. While the agencies areas of focus may differ, all work to enhance the child's development and support the family's knowledge, skills, and abilities as they interact with and raise their child.